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Types of dryers we repair

  • Hamper Dryer
  • Side Load dryer
  • Electric Dryer
  • Gas Dryer
  • Condenser Dryer
  • Washer/Dryer Combo
  • Laundry Center Dryer

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Common Dryer Problems

Dryers rely on similar parts as washers do, besides needing hoses for and drains of water. Common issues include broken drum belts, broken motors, or even blown thermal fuses. While washers may flood, dryers may actually start fires. You need to make sure your lint trap is clear, and that your hoses are free of lint and debris. High heat can light that lint on fire, and with a faulty fuse, your dryer may not shut off in time. If you don’t know if your dryer is running properly, you can always call an appliance specialist to take a look for you.

Dryer won't run / Dryer shuts off soon after starting

It’s frustrating to see your dryer turn on but not run. you probably have some wet clothes needing to be dried before they begin to smell. The first thing you’ll want to check before calling for dryer repair is your lint trap. If your lint trap is too full, your dryer will have to work extra hard to push air through the filter. Because of this, it might overheat and trip the thermal fuse. The thermal fuse is what shuts off the dryer if it overheats. Make sure to check if this fuse is still intact. If you do not replace the thermal fuse, your dryer could cause a fire the next time it overheats. But the lint trap isn’t the only thing that could trip the thermal fuse. If your dryer is pressed back against the wall, it won’t have enough ventilation to keep air in circulation. Without proper ventilation, your dryer will surely overheat. Lastly, you could be overloading the dryer. Packing too big of a load into the dryer will force it to run extra hard to dry your clothes. Try splitting your load into two smaller ones to see if that fixes your issue. But chances are, your thermal fuse is blown and needs replacement! Schedule an appliance repair appointment so we can install a replacement fuse for you.

Dryer is shaking and rattling

It’s normal for your dryer to be vibrating just a bit. After all, there’s a drum on the inside that’s spinning at high speeds. But if your dryer is making strange noises or shaking more than you think it should be, then it’s probably experiencing a mechanical failure. 

One of the possible culprits of a noisy and rattling dryer is the drum belt. This is the belt that spins the drum where your clothes sit. If this belt is torn or damaged, it could be whipping around the inside of your dryer. If you suspect that this is the issue, call a repairman as soon as possible before any further damage occurs. If it’s not the belt, then the culprit could be the drum support rollers. These are what the drum actually roll on. If they are worn or broken, then the drum may not be rolling steadily. 

Thankfully, these are common repairs, and they are often due to normal wear and tear, and nothing of your own doing. If you want to reduce the stress on your dryer, you can always put in lighter loads.

Dryer won't turn on

If your dryer won’t turn on, you most likely have an electrical problem. First, make sure that the problem isn’t in your house. Check to see if your outlet works with a different cord. If it does, then your dryer may have an old power cord that needs replacing. If no cord works, then your outlet might be malfunctioning. You should call a general repairman to fix that for you. If the flow of electricity within your house works fine, then it’s time to check out the components of the dryer.

It could be that your dryer has a faulty terminal block. Without a properly working terminal block, power won’t be able to feed through to your dryer. If it’s not that, then the culprit could be on the front end, such as a faulty start switch. Maybe power is getting to your dryer, but the switch to turn it on and off just won’t work. Both of these parts will likely need a replacement. Schedule an appointment with us so we can send a repairman out to you as soon as tomorrow.