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Types of cooktops we repair

  • Electric Cooktop
  • Gas Cooktop
  • Induction Cooktop
  • Coil Cooktop
  • Smooth Cooktop
  • Overhead Hood

This is just a small list of cooktops that we repair. If it’s anything stovetop related, we can most likely repair it. 831-204-2560

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Common Cooktop Problems

Cooktop or Stovetop problems are sometimes hard to diagnose. Some problems could come from gas or power lines within your own home. While other problems may be from bad wiring or damaged coils within your heating element. If you are unsure what’s wrong with your cooktop, schedule appliance repair to have a trained professional take a look at it.

Gas stove clicks but won't light

We understand how frustrating it feels to hear your gas stove try to turn on, but it just won’t. If you notice that your gas stovetop or cooktop is doing this, turn off the gas immediately! It’s extremely dangerous to let gas out into your home.

So what’s happening? Well it’s most likely one of two things. Either you have a faulty igniter, or you have bad gas flow. If you have a weak igniter, then no matter how much gas you let out, the strength of the igniter just isn’t strong enough to light up the gas. Don’t let gas build up in your kitchen! If you feel like you’ve let out too much, take a fan or magazine to blow and dissipate the gas as much as possible. Avoid lighting anything, even a match, for at least a few hours. If your igniter is indeed faulty, have a professional install a replacement for you. They can also check your gas lines to make sure no extra gas is leaking out.

Now, if you have bad gas flow, you might notice that your gas stove lights, but after many clicks. If this is the case, then you most likely have debris clogging up the gas ports. So whenever you turn the knob on the stove, the igniter starts clicking, but there’s not enough gas to light a fire. Clean the debris out of the gas ports, and you should be fine.

Induction element won't heat up

Induction stovetops are known for being energy efficient. That being said, they won’t work unless they have enough power going through them. If your induction element won’t heat up, then chances are you have an electrical failure. First check to see if any lights are lighting up on your induction cooktop. If no lights are on, then there’s not enough power going to it. Check your circuit breaker and see if the lack of electricity is because of something in your house. If that’s ruled out, then you’ll want to look at the wiring within the induction cooktop itself.

Take a look at the wiring that leads from your wall to the induction stovetop. Is there any wiring that’s damaged? If not, then the next step is to look at the copper coils within the induction element itself. If they look damaged, then you’ve found your problem. Now you can schedule appliance repair knowing exactly what’s wrong with your induction cooktop. If you can’t figure out what’s wrong, schedule an appointment with a repairman to take a look at it for you.

Electric cooktop sparks when turned on

If there is any sparking going on with your electric cooktop, stop using it immediately. The problem could be from your outlet, or from the wiring inside the cooktop. Either way, you don’t want to start a fire. The cause of this spark could be a frayed wire. Make sure you contact an appliance repairman to find and replace the wire for you. It needs a replacement, so do not try to cut the frayed wire if you find it. Cutting the wire will not fix the issue.